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Tenant Maintenance Request Guidelines


Where a repair is the responsibility of the Landlord/Agent, Tenant must notify Landlord with a written notice stating what items need servicing or repair. Notice can me email to

RobertKronovet@Gmail.com or mailed to our office or call our main # 310-829-9303

On Subject Line please put you full address and maintenance request.

In the body of the email or Letter sent via US Mail

please include a photo, full address, full tenants name and contact phone #

Tenant must give Landlord a reasonable opportunity to service or repair said item. Tenant acknowledges that rent will not be withheld unless a written notice has been served on Landlord, giving Landlord a reasonable time to fix said item within the meaning of Civil Code Section 1942. Under no circumstances may Tenant withhold rent unless said item constitutes a substantial breach of the warrantee of habitability as stated in Code of Civil Procedure Section 1174.2. Tenant shall be responsible for any fines or inspection fees imposed by a governmental office as a result of Tenant failing to notify the Landlord in writing of a deficiency with the premises. A written notice is not required for an emergency situation. (Example: Flooding water)

Maintenance Company Guidelines

Maintenance company guidelines when working with

Kronovet Realty Company


California Contractors license

Workers comp insurance

Must get bids for jobs over $500

Must have before and after photos of all work approved and completed

Mail all invoices to

Kronovet Realty Company

3019 Pico Blvd # 4

Santa Monica, CA 90405

For Any Information Call Us

(310) 829-9303