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This description is about more perfect relationship between the supply and demand aspects of the housing industry... we're about to give you is called the Tenant Equity Project it is an opportunity for tenants to start to think and act like owners in residential income properties, the goal is very simple as the property increases in value each tenant will enjoy a percentage of the increased equity from the time they move in until the time they move out.

All units or single rooms in the case of a co-op arrangement are at market rate... so as the value of the building increases through improve tenant behavior: for instance limiting parties, responsible for the entire building area, responsibility for the neighbors safety , thinking like owners and seeing that: lighting, trash, parking cars, stopping any damaging plumbing or damaging electrical.

When tenants realize they can enjoy income and equity as the building improves the neighbor improves their behavior will shift, additionally in areas of rent control the hard left has dehumanized property ownership this propaganda damages the supply and the demand relationship causing each party to be against each other. Rent control has created a hostile environment the tenant equity project is here to cure ... we will create wealth building through hard work commitment to oneself and ones neighborhood and the spirit of can do.

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Please note that our lease states that smoking is not allowed in the apartment.


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