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Our Code

At Kronovet Realty Company we pledge to treat each individual with appropriate respect, dignity and thoughtfulness: this is our Standard. In which we will and can backup it up in any public or private setting.

I love the real-estate business with all my heart as a licensed real estate broker and former elected official in the city of Santa Monica I am obligated by document and tradition to make effort to improve the system all the way up-and-down the line , from government to the private sector this is one of core pledges of our company. We stand for private property rights with a proper respect for tenants and a clear and published understanding that owners and tenants depend on each other. We do not cotton to the false and make up conflict between the supply and demand equation of the housing business.

From Market rate housing, to senior housing, home purchase, section 8 housing , military housing any time a human being is desiring housing United States I feel obligated to participate in advancing the quality and the service is on every level without apology . Day-to-day we deal with customers with excellence and class.... I service is imbalance between supply and demand of the housing equation which has become primary news across the nation

Kronovet Realty Company clients, owners , customers , vendors and all men or women we interface with: can be expected to be treated and enjoy professional dialog our office is capable of producing on a day-to-day business basis . Our code is the noble pursuit of the higher elegant and appropriate real estate positioning a licensed brokerage office can offer it's citizens for generations of Americans to enjoy.
Our certificate from the California Association of REALTORS:

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Our Journey

Robert Kronovet is 2010 Realtor of the Year & 2008-2012 Commissioner Santa Monica Rent Board.

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Our motto is "List with Kronovet and Start Packing" this means that every day is a work day until your home sells and escrow closes.

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We can assist you with a list of lenders, home inspectors, insurance agents and other professionals that we can recommend.

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Our Journey

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